Maybe you’ve found yourself sprinting, your feet pounding against the pavement as you strive for the finish line. Perhaps endurance is your strong suit, you’re breathing and posture steady as you struggle to find the pace you need. If running isn’t for you, Naples High athletics offers not only running, but events in throwing, long jumps, and even pole vaulting.

“There was an event for every kid on the team. Fast kids ran sprints, slower kids ran distance, kids who didn’t like to run did the throws.  Events for agile kids in jumps and hurdles,” former track coach Richard Haralson explained. “Everyone could count on measurement and improvement, relays and team competition.”

Students can choose to compete in more than one event and explore other skills they might not have otherwise realized. While learning new skills is difficult, Bronze Bruland, sprinting coach and teacher, claims it’s no different from being a student.

“I don’t think there’s a difference between coaching a sport and teaching a subject. I also don’t think there’s a difference between learning a sport and learning a subject,” Bruland said. “I truthfully believe that if you’re good at one you’ll be good at another.”

Due to track having so many different events, it’s a great opportunity for athletes to cultivate and progress in skills they’ll need for their main sport while their out of season.

However it’s not just great for your athletic performance, track is great for building character and becoming the person you’d like to become.

“It forces me to manage my time in terms of when I can do homework and keeps me on top of my work,” Grace Roderickr said. “It is an experience unique to high school that can’t be made outside of the school and I feel that I have developed more as a person and have found who I am.”

Track is a great opportunity for students and athletes. As for the goals for this year?

“We just want to come out and compete. In track your obviously competing against other people but your ultimately just competing against yourself just to get better every week,” Natalie Marker, head coach said.