The NHS baseball team is starting their new season with a couple of new freshman players. But having a new team means that they need to learn how to work together and their chemistry.

“Our team is practicing hard and working on our chemistry,” sophomore Sam Spiker said.

Most of the players say that they are working on their chemistry. But others say they are practicing every day and working as hard as they can.

“We are working really hard and practicing every day,” freshman Dayron Del Sol said.

The baseball coach says that he pushes them as hard as he can.

“I push them really hard and i want them to do their best. If they are later by even 1 minute make them run laps,” Coach Jim Nocera said.

The NHS baseball team’s first game is coming up on Feb. 18. Their coaches and players are determined to do good this season.

When the team starts their season the players will work even harder then they do in preseason.

“We work really hard at practice, but I when the real season starts we will work even harder then before,” Coach Jim Nocera said.