Teen heartthrob band, The Jonas Brothers, are making a comeback this year.

It’s been six years since the band split and the brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin went their separate ways, but the band has reunited.

“It’s unexpected for the band to get back together, but I’m here for it,” senior Avery Craig said.

The rumor started when the Jonas Brothers recently reactivated their joint Instagram account.

They are currently making new music starting with their new single “Sucker.” Also the band may be touring again and even a creating documentary.

“I think their music will be way different because they’re older and have grown not only as people but as artists,” senior Mallory Tarvin said.

Although the band is reuniting, their name isn’t going to be the same. It’s said that the name will go from “The Jonas Brothers” to just “Jonas.”

“I’m disappointed with the name change, but I guess I’ll deal with it if it means the band is getting back together,” senior Cece Cady said.

But, even with a name change the fans are still excited for their new music.

“I really think they should reunite. All of us 00’s kids would love it because it brings back the music from our childhood,” senior Carole Ann Desormeau said.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what the Jonas Brothers will do with their musical careers.

They recently made an appearance on the James Cordan show announcing that they are back together.

Hopefully throughout 2019 more updates about the band will occur.