The JV girls lacrosse season is here and this year’s team is very determined and is working hard to achieve their goals.

“We started preseason workouts a couple of months ago,” sophomore Michelle Carranco said. “The whole team has been really focused on pre-conditioning to improve our skills.”

The team is hoping to improve their weaknesses and coordinate better as a team. Everyone wants to win as many games as possible and to put maximum effort into practices and games.

“We have a good coach that prepares us,” sophomore Caroline Kraft said. “We are able to do our best every game.”

Practicing and warming up is an essential part of lacrosse. Players can get injured if they don’t properly warm up.

“We do lifting in the weight room, run two laps in the beginning of practice, and during pre-season we run a ton of 100’s,” sophomore Natalie Norqual said. “We stretch to prevent injuries.”

There’s still a lot of games left as the season just started and the team is very excited to play. They think that their coaches have prepared them well for the upcoming season.