As the winter comes to a close, track season is also coming to an end. Student athletes have worked very hard during practices and track meets.

“After the track season is over I will put more focus on academics,” sophomore Phoebe Coplin said. “Also, I will keep running in cross country season.”

It can take a lot of effort and dedication for many students to be able to do track at Naples High School. Many student athletes say it’s very important to stay in shape even after the season is over.

“When the track season is over, I will continue to do workouts with my friends who do track,” junior Lorenzo Ferro said. “It’s important to stay in shape.”

Students have multiple reasons on why they do track at Naples High, and why they continue to try and improve.

“I’m going to be doing track next year,” sophomore Kenna Seward said. “It’s good to be involved in your school and play sports.”

The state competitions are also a very big deal for track runners. If athletes qualify, they hope to become top competitors.

“Last year was definitely my best season,” junior Brady Gibson said. “It was my best year because I did great at states.”

This season everyone put their best effort into the meets and practices, and will continue to work hard and put their best foot forward.