As the year slowly comes to an end, scheduling begins. This past week upcoming seniors were down at the library choosing their future classes. While some decided to take an easy year, others choose the harder route.

“I’m taking French and Law Studies next year,” junior Ashley Hendrix said.

Brand new classes have been added to the list this year that might add some spice to peoples’ schedules. French and Law studies are the only two new classes this year. Law studies is targeted to the students that are interested in learning about law enforcement and the ins and outs of being a lawyer. French is another foreign language for those that are not interested in learning Italian or Spanish.

“I’m taking AP Literature and Aice Marine next year,” junior Anjeza Gioni said.

Aice classes many students are taking upon Aice classes. The Aice diploma helps save money and is earned by taking seven Aice credits.

“I’m taking it easy this year and just taking all regular classes,” junior Taylor Boney said.

Some future seniors want to just have a relax year and to not have to worry about anything but getting out of high school.

Overall, all the students seem to be satisfied with the classes they have chosen to take this upcoming year. 2019-2020 school year is coming up and as juniors prepare for their senior year, pressure to think about the future and their classes for next year is increasing.