The Naples High School JV baseball team had a tough game on March 19 against Cape Coral High School.

The Naples High baseball team was very confident in their game, as they were working hard all year.

“I was feeling very confident coming into this because we have a good squad,” freshman Jackson Reis said. “The team has learned how to coordinate much better throughout the year.”

It was a tough game for the Naples High students as Cape Coral has been having a very good season.

“I think we underestimated them, and then the game went really bad for us,” freshman Michael Consolino said. ”We need to keep our heads in the game as any team is capable of beating us.”

The team has been working hard all year, and learning how to play better as a team.

“I thought we were going to win,” freshman Jacob Tudor said. “We have a lot of chemistry and many good players on this team, I know we will pull it off next time.”

The final score of the game was an unfortunate 2-0 and Cape Coral took the win.