As deadlines for early action and early decision applications are approaching, seniors are finalizing resumes and applications that they spent months working on. Early applications are commonly due in November, which allows the applicants to see if they were accepted before May 1. Although this process can be beneficial, many seniors are feeling overwhelmed by the looming college due dates and uncertainty that the future brings.

“The most stressful thing I would have to say is that my time at Naples High is coming to an end,” senior Jake Finman said. “I need to really start planning the next stage of my life, not just college applications, but how I’m going to essentially start over wherever it is I go after I graduate.”

Working on admissions is undoubtedly stressful, but deciding which college to send applications to can be an enjoyable experience. Researching schools that best align with the incoming freshman’s desired major and type of campus adds to the anticipation of graduation. 

“One [college I am applying to] is Florida Gulf Coast University, the second is Florida Southern, the third is Rollins and the last is Stetson,” senior Samuel Pomeroy said. “I’m applying to these colleges because they all look like they have good financing and business programs, which is what I’m going to major in.”

Despite the time-consuming nature of college applications, it is still important to enjoy extracurriculars and activities outside of campus. Balancing school, a job and clubs while preparing for college is not an easy feat, however. Starting the college admissions process earlier in the year may alleviate some of this workload. 

“I applied for early action for all of my schools, so I was able to get the majority of my college application work done before school even started,” Finman said.

The apprehension that comes with an unfamiliar campus, peers and teachers may seem daunting. The drastic change from high school to college is intimidating, and awaiting a response can add to this worry. Nevertheless, seniors continue to have a positive outlook on the outcome of their efforts. 

“I know that whatever school I get accepted into or end up attending next fall, it will be the right fit for me,” senior Lucas Edwards said. “I just have to trust where the application process leads me.”