As the Collier County Fair is now over, most students at Naples High School had a great time at the fair.

The Collier County Fair featured a variety of rides, maze houses, and games for the guests’ entertainment.

“It was great, I had a fun time hanging out with my friends and going on the rides,” freshman Kevin Ajete said.

One of the most popular rides at the fair that always had lines for hours was called Speed. This was most likely one of the most thrilling rides at the fair due to it’s jaw-dropping pace.

“My favorite ride would be speed,” freshman Jonathan Nicacio said. “It was my favorite because I love how thrilling it was, and how fast it goes.”

Also students didn’t just go there for the rides, some of the students loved the food that they served at the fair. Some of the foods they had were elephant ears, cotton candy, and pizza.

“I loved the food at the fair, my favorite was the elephant ears,” freshman Ubaldo Martínez said. ”I would recommend it for other people that go to the fair.”

Students at Naples High School already miss the fair, and hope to be able to make more fun memories with their friends next year.