A four hour school day instead of seven hours of lessons, books, and boredom? That sounds amazing.

Instead of having to wait the extra three hours until two o’clock, the freedom arrives early at 11:05 a.m. Students then get the entire afternoon at their disposal.

“I like half days because I get to rest and do fun stuff after school,” junior Lily Grassio said.

Half days can be great for getting a good mix of school and free time. Not to mention it provides extra time for homework and fun activities out of school. However, half days can be really unproductive.

“I usually just nap during my classes,” senior Jake Pegury said.

Therein lies the problem with half days: There is not enough class time to really get anything done, students still have to get up earlier, and there is not enough time after school to make any big plans.                                         

“I don’t really do much at school or at home,” junior Amaya Gonzalez said. “It seems almost like a waste of a day, I’d rather just have one full day of school and one full day off.”

In a perfect world, students can get the best of both school and free time, however, students really only get a little of each. There’s neither enough time to get work done or really plan anything really exciting with a half day. This results in a day that really isn’t productive in either way.