The Naples High School spring pep rally took place on Monday, April 11 to raise school spirit and to support our Naples High spring athletes.

There is usually a pep rally each semester to not only help raise school spirit, but also cheer on Naples High athletes who participate in spring sports, such as lacrosse, tennis, basketball and track & field. With districts, regionals and other back-breaking tournaments coming up, students try their best to cheer for their peers as they go into competition. 

“The Spring Pep Rally is an opportunity to gather the student body under one roof and show our school spirit,” Athletic Director and Activities Coordinator Cassie Barone said. “It is meant to be a fun activity to celebrate our school spirit and recognize our athletic teams.”

During these pep rallies, student athletes from each spring sport are announced one by one by either their team captain or coach. They usually order the athletes according to their grade or the number they wear, depending on the sport. This method makes sure every player is recognized for their hard work and dedication to their sport and their team.

“I was super excited,” senior and varsity lacrosse player Lane Calkins said. “I feel like towards the end of the year, everyone’s a little burnt out from school, so it’s nice for the spring sports to be recognized and for people to recharge their school spirit.”

Pep rallies are not just exciting moments for athletes, as other students also find them entertaining and enjoyable to attend. On many occasions, coaches, staff and even teachers are excited to be able to be involved. However, many students mainly see pep rallies as a way to get out of class, despite the fact that the main point of the event is to raise school spirit amongst students.

“I think a lot of my grade doesn’t really like pep rallies for the right reason,” freshman Penelope Freeman said. “There’s a lot of “ooo no class” vs “ooo a pep rally.”