Naples High students are planning their extended weekend off from school and their Easter holiday.

“I plan on sleeping in and playing basketball and Xbox with friends,” junior Gavin Waterman said.

Although Easter is a religious holiday, many people outside of a religious affiliation celebrate it. For example, some will still attend brunch or decorate Easter eggs over the weekend. These people will also use this weekend to enjoy the time off from school, rather than to celebrate the holiday.

“I do not celebrate Easter religiously,” Waterman said. “My whole family still makes baskets of Easter candy for each other and we give them to each other in the morning.”

Baking treats and consuming sweets is common among the activities families will do during the Easter weekend.

“In the past, I have celebrated Easter traditions such as doing Easter egg hunts and dyeing Easter eggs,” sophomore Anya McLaughlin said. “My family always bakes a lamb cake for Easter, too.”

While some students do not celebrate it religiously, others do. NHS is a school full of diversity and different practices.

“I celebrate Easter religiously,” freshman Chloe Jones said. “We plan to spend time with my family and cousins at their house.”

Students will have a half-day on Thursday and then have Friday to Monday off. This gives them a lot of time off from school to rest and enjoy their free time.

“My plans for the weekend include baking the lamb cake and seeing a show called ‘My Fair Lady’,” McLaughlin said.

These last few days off will be the last time NHS students get a lengthy break until the year ends and summer starts.