Senior skip day is a day that seniors skip high school every year. They take the day off to do whatever they want but get an unexcused absence in return. Naples High School’s senior skip day was April first.

“I went on a long scenic romantic bike ride with me and my friends,” Benji Howard said. “It was a relaxing monday to take off.”

Most of the senior class took off April first and had fun, usually they wouldn’t have on a Monday.

“I just chilled with my friends and went on a bike ride,” Zac McWilliams said. “I went swimming, relaxed, and had lacrosse practice too.”

The parents of the seniors seemed to understand the importance of senior skip day along with their kids. It’s once a year and doesn’t hurt anybody.

“My mom encouraged me to skip,” Tim Wiles said. “I went on a nice walk on the beach, by myself, because I had no one to go with.”

The teachers at school were not affected by the skip day because of how little students were in class.

“My teachers didn’t do much on Monday because no one was in class,” Judah McLean said. “On Tuesday we started right where we left off before.”