The long walks to the front office before a big test to get a pass is over thanks to the new Focus pass system.

“I like the pass system, I think it’s more functional for students,” Assistant Principal Amanda Holderfield said. “A lot of students say it’s easier to check in and out in the morning when they’re late.”  

The new pass system was introduced to save time and be more effective for students and staff. Some staff around campus have a pass scanner on them at all times in case a student needs one.

“I used to be late to one of my periods and then I’d have to walk all the way to the office just to get a pass,” sophomore Thersea Masjesi said. “It would take so much time when I really needed to get my work done in class.”

The passes are different from previous years. Teachers would have to stop what they’re doing to write a handwritten pass for students to be able to go back to class. The office would get chaotic at times.

“There were times I would go to the office and it would take so long because of how many kids needed a late pass,” sophomore Emily Wuerful said. “By the time I would get back to class there would only be 20 minutes left.”

The Focus pass system has saved lots of time in the classroom. Teachers are getting more work done and not having to stop to assist students with tardies. The new system has just gone into effect and students and teachers are hopeful about how it will turn out.