PSAT is a big deal for underclassmen because it starts preparing them for college testing. Freshmen, sophomores, and selected juniors and seniors will be taking the PSAT Wednesday, Oct. 16.

There are multiple ways that students can prepare and practice for the PSAT.

“Students will be sent home a booklet with practice question for each section on the PSAT in which they can study,” testing coordinator Carolyn O’Leary said. 

Students can also get official practice tests on the College Board website, the official website for ACT and SAT practice.

If there’s a certain section a student needs help with or would like to practice, they have that opportunity.

“They can receive a score for each section and practice on which section they need the most,” O’Leary stated. 

Students plan on preparing and getting ready for the PSAT. Some even plan on hours of studying.  

“I plan on studying two hours a day on different sections each day,”  Kane stated. “For example, I’ll do the math for 2 hours one day and reading the following day.”

Some students are ready for their first PSAT and are excited to see their results. The majority stated they’re excited because this is starting a new phase in their schooling, and it’s one step closer to the real world.

“I’m actually excited to take the PSAT,” sophomore Ben Hendrix replied. “I’m going to be anxious to see my score right after I take it.” 

Students are reminded to make sure they bring their student IDs, number two pencils and an approved calculator