The Naples High track team is getting ready for their time trials on Friday, Jan. 30. It starts right after school at 2:35 for all of the athletes.

Athletes from all grades will be participating in the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter runs. Every student will be able to get their individual time on each of the runs.

“My favorite run is the 100 meter, but I personally want to become better at the 400 meter,” senior John Perez said.

The time trials help give the athletes a sense of what their events might be for the track season. They each get their individual time, and they can see which race distances they are best suited for. It helps the coaches to decide what races to place the runners in throughout the season.

“I like the 100 meter, but I get tired when I have to do the 400 meter,”  junior Craig Pratt said.

Some of the runners are better suited for the longer runs, and after they find their times, they might try to allocate their practice towards a single distance.

“I like practicing,” senior Brady Gibson said. “It gives me time to hang out with my friends.”

Track is officially in season and the first official meet will be at Ida Baker. The track team is going to be having a blue and gold meet against each other next week. They will be split up into two teams and will compete with different coaches.