Spring is coming at a rapid rate and soon winter sports will end. A variety of spring sports will be open to join.

Many sports such as lacrosse, softball, baseball, tennis and track and field will be available this spring at NHS. All of the sports have guidelines in order to join.



Lacrosse coach Jayson Saunders shared some information on how to join girls varsity lacrosse. 

“Have a good attitude and exceptional work,” Saunders said. “Be committed to the team first mentally and have some stick skills.”

Lacrosse tryouts are on Jan. 27. If interested in doing preseason workouts, speak to or email Coach Saunders.

“I’m looking forward to hopefully go into states,” Saunders said.


Track and Field

The official start date of track and field is on Jan. 21, but preseason conditioning has already started. To join, email or talk to Coach Bruland or Coach Marker.

“We’re doing our preseason conditioning now, so come out and get in shape,” Marker said. “If you’re in another sport right now then finish up your winter sport then come join us.”

Practices are typically Monday through Friday from 2:30-5:00 p.m. Meets would usually be held on Saturdays.

“We don’t have everyone yet, but the group that we have out there… it’s exciting… they’re showing some promise already,” Marker said.



Tennis season will start on Monday, Jan. 20 with actual matches starting on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Practices will be held at the Arthur Allen Tennis Center at Cambier on Monday through Friday.

“This is a varsity level team so anyone trying out should be able to get serves in, return a serve and be able to rally,” Coach Kevin Walker said.

Any questions about tennis can be answered by the athletic office with Ms. Hendry or by contacting Coach Walker.

“I believe that we will have a great mix of experience and youth to blend together to make a competitive spring team this year,” Walker said.



Coach Jimmy Nocera is in charge of baseball this spring season. Baseball will start on Jan. 21 and practices will be six days a week up to the season games starting on Feb. 17.

“I’m very excited about this upcoming season,” Nocera said. “We are very young but we have a good mix of upperclassmen and seniors.”

If you have any questions about the upcoming baseball season, contact Coach Nocera or the athletic administrator Ernie Modugno.