As schools start to allow sporting events to take place, some student-athletes have concerns for their safety with a pandemic still going on, while others feel that the district has done an adequate job with the safety measures.

“I have very little concerns about sports starting up with COVID-19,” senior Slade Dollar said. “Our team practices…social distancing [well].”

Some students, such as Dollar, may have no fear because they feel that the school has done an acceptable job of following guidelines. Some teachers also have little to no fears because of the district’s protocols. 

The school district has done a great job of implementing safety procedures and guidelines in school, at lunch and on the playing field for sports,” head football coach and history teacher Richard Martin said. “There are too many to list, but they are definitely working.” 

Many teachers and staff seem to think that the safety procedures are helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, relieving their fears and apprehensions. However, there are some who feel as though more reinforcement may be needed. 

“Even though the schools are taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus, I’m not really impressed in the way it is being enforced,” sophomore Dawson Huynh said. “During the times I’ve gone to school for band, I always see people in big groups traveling to and from classes.”

Although traveling in big groups with masks on may not seem risky to some, others would still like to have the social distancing rule applied. 

The news of Golden Gate High School having coronavirus cases shows the importance of the guidelines.

“Golden Gate having corona just shows that the pandemic is out there and is why having good protocols is important,” Dollar said.

With Golden Gate’s sports teams having the virus and the district not wanting to spread it, Friday’s football game has been canceled, which some people think was the best decision.

“I feel like the teams made the right decision to cancel the game…and it’s nice to see that the schools are taking steps to keep us safe,” Huynh said.

The cancellation of Friday’s game has helped set some people at ease with their worries. Despite these efforts to help stop the spread, some may still have prevalent fears and concerns.

Since my grandparents live in the same house as I do, their safety is always my concern,” Huynh said. “Whenever I go out of my house, I need to be aware that if I do contract the virus and go home, then I am putting my grandparents’ life at risk.”

While everyone might not live with relatives, that doesn’t mean that they are not worried for their family. The school’s guidelines are one of the most important things to have during a pandemic to keep everyone safe. 

“All students are required to wear masks 24/7 except when eating at lunch,” Dollar said. “The school also has hand sanitizer available in each classroom.”

Students and staff have said that the district has been doing its best to keep everyone safe during these challenging times. Following protocols helps prevent further spread of the virus. Even though some people are upset about the cancellation of the game, they understand that peoples’ safety is the number one priority. 

“I’m upset about the cancellation of the game,” Martin said. “Our players work hard, and their reward is to play on Friday night under the lights. With that being said, I understand that we are living in a different time and safety has to take priority.”