Students have taken to social media this school semester in order to stay in touch and keep the school spirit alive, since many of their friends and classmates may be attending school online, rather than in school, or vise versa. 

Whether students are at school or not, maintaining friendships and keeping in touch has been a struggle for many this year. 

“I miss seeing some of my friends at school who are doing online learning,” sophomore Chloe Holcomb said. “It’s weird not seeing them in the hallways or at lunch.”

Living in the digital age, students are using social media to combat the ever-growing distance between students this year and keep track of what’s going on in their peers’ lives. 

“Social media has kind of been the only way I’ve stayed in touch with my classmates, and even through social media, it definitely hasn’t been the same as in-person,” online student and senior Chase Melton said. “I think it has still been very valuable though.”

What apps to use and why?

Between the thousands of apps available, it can be overwhelming to navigate which ones are the best for staying up to date on your classmates’ lives and to see what’s happening around the Naples High Campus. Here are the top two student recommendations:

  • Twitter: Many students love Twitter because it allows them to hear more of classmates’ voices since it is conservation-based rather than photo-focused like other social media apps. It is laid out in a way where students can quickly get information about upcoming events at school and learn about topics classmates are passionate about.

“I think Twitter’s format is more streamlined and more user-friendly,” Melton said.

Check out Naples High School and The Talon Tribune to stay updated on NHS news. 

  • Instagram: This app is great for seeing what friends and classmates are doing in real-time. The story feature may be used for seeing clips of school events, such as football games and homecoming week. 

“[By] following my classmates on Instagram, as well as the NHS account, I’ve been able to stay up-to-date on school happenings, and it makes me excited seeing our school spirit,” online senior Lily Poorman said.

You can follow the Naples High student body on Instagram and connect with your piers. 

Reaching out to classmates who have similar interests is another great way to remain in the loop. Social media allows students to observe what peers comment on others’ posts, who they follow and what school events they are passionate about. 

“During my time as an online student I would just swipe up on my classmates’ stories if they were in person,” Melton said. “I would try and start a conversation with them because honestly, that’s the only way you can.”

Using social media can be an amazing tool to fill the disconnection between students online and in person, as well as keeping our Naples High School spirit alive.