LIC or also known as Life in Color was held in Miami on Jan. 19 where many teenagers ages 16 and up attended. This music festival is known for the vibrant colored paint being thrown everywhere. It was said to be an amazing experience and one festival everyone should attend.

“LIC was a great experience and totally worth my money,” Chloe Kemen said.

The festival is crowded and full of spirit which is a great way to learn to become a more open minded individual.

“It was chaotic, the music was great, and the people there were so nice and cool!” Henry Yun stated. “Definitely a great experience.”

Festival goers received paint which was to be thrown around while dancing to the music being performed. Some say that although it had a unpleasant scent that it didn’t matter much, the fun outweighed the negative aspects of it.

“The paint wasn’t gross it had an odd smell though, but it didn’t affect my experience at all,” Patrick Wuschke said. “I still had an amazing time tho.”

Also there were various artists performing and activities available such as dance sections and the main stage performers like Diplo.

“My favorite was Diplo, as soon as he came out to perform the crowd went crazy. Diplo is king,” Wuschke said.

There were also other places around the venue where there were other activities to do.

“The building in the far back for shuffling (a dance) with the bang models was my favorite,” Olivia Ponton started. “I met so many new people and danced with so many new friends. Overall great experience.”

Festivals are a great way to become outgoing, have fun, and be an individualistic person.