After several assignments, quizzes, tests and the overall pressure that issued from a long first semester, students were given four days off, including the virtual day, on Jan. 18. With the amount of free time, students were able to give themselves a much needed mental break in different ways. 

“Usually, I try to relieve my stress in a healthy way,” junior Vincent Torres said. “Listening to music is a major stress reliever for me.” 

For many students, music is a key factor in calming down. Spotify, a popular digital music platform, generates playlists for listeners based on the algorithm. They have 1,534 playlists, many contributing to stress relief and relaxation. 

“The work given and the amount of new people in semester one made it very stressful,” freshman Valentina Bel said. “I like to hang out with friends and go to the pool or beach.” 

While some alleviate their troubles virtually, others prefer physical ways to relax and let go of stress, and Naples has many unique locations to visit. 

“I suggest 5th Ave. because it is so fun and you can find different things to do,” Bel said. “I prefer hanging out with friends to relieve stress.” 

5th Ave. South is one of the most popular locations in Naples for both teens and adults alike. Several stores and restaurants can be found, along with many events and activities that are held. 

“A place I’d suggest in Naples would be Baker’s Park,” sophomore Jennifer Estremadorio. “There are so many athletic things to do like [working] out, but [you can] also relax with friends.” 

Baker’s Park is 15 acres and has a grassy knoll, biking and skating paths, picnic areas, docks, stages and other amazing features to enjoy. 

“Laying down and just having my thoughts to myself and clearing my mind helps relieve stress too,” Torres said. “Anything that involves being alone helps.”

Of course, many people value checking in on their mental state before anything else in order to ground and balance their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. By doing this, many people, often students, can stimulate and encourage themselves. 

“After a long week of school, [you can] cry it all out in bed,” Estremadorio said. “I give myself [motivational] speeches in the mirror to keep moving forward.”