Every new year comes with its own set of challenges, and each person has their own resolutions. Crystals are a powerful tool that can help support individuals through the year’s trials and help them manifest their intentions into reality. These five crystals will help anyone bring the best intentions and positive change into the new year.

Transformation – Moss Agate

Chakra: Heart

Element: Earth

Zodiacs: Virgo, Gemini

Planet: Moon

Moss agate is labeled as the stone of new beginnings and positivity. It holds strong associations with the Earth and is also referred to as the “Gardener’s Stone” for its ability to bring agricultural abundance.

This crystal works behind the scenes to help release old habits and promote forgiveness. It is used to soothe emotional wounds, and its low vibrations and steady energy help those who feel unstable or ungrounded in times of change. 

Moss Agate helps show people the positive aspects of transformation and bring positive growth. It has subtle healing energy, which will gradually introduce abundance and bring transformation very quickly. This agate brings supportive energies to the heart chakra which will help you heal emotional issues.

“Crystals hold a steady vibration all the time, it’s what soothes us,” Beth Rinella, owner of Goddess I Am crystal shop, said.

This crystal can be most effective when it is placed over the heart chakra. For example, it can go over the heart during meditation or on a pendant against the chest. It can also be carried in the pocket to attract financial abundance. 

“I use my moss agate for grounding, patience, and calmness,” junior Nia Cherenfant said. “I find that it gives me reassurance in unsettling situations.” 

Moss agate has many uses as it can boost self-esteem, attract the growth or re-growth of relationships, bring various kinds of abundance, develop intuition, balance energies, and harmonize positive and negative forces. Overall, this crystal is great for grounding and growth. It will help its partner heal emotional trauma and invite and navigate abundant new beginnings.

Love and Confidence – Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart

Elements: Water

Zodiacs: Taurus, Libra, Pisces, Virgo

Planet: Venus

Rose Quartz is the crystal of universal love. Although this crystal is often associated with romantic love, it corresponds with all kinds of relationships and types of love, including self-love. 

This stone promotes trust, harmony and unconditional love. Rose Quartz’s loving energy helps raise its partner’s self-confidence and perception of self-worth by dissolving any negative emotional distress suppressing the heart’s ability to give and receive love. Rose Quartz offers gentle, comforting, nurturing, and reassuring vibrations that align with the heart chakra to inspire feelings of warmth, happiness, respect, compassion, and understanding. Much like clear quartz, Rose Quartz’s healing energies work well with all chakras, fostering harmony among the chakra system. This crystal invites romance, friendship, companionship, and passion into its partner’s life and restores peace, harmony, and trust in relationships.

“I had an awakening with my rose quartz that drove me to cleanse it and reprogram it completely,” Cherenfant said.

This crystal is most effective when held on the person, close to the heart chakra, or placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom. Like all other crystals, simply meditating with the Rose Quartz is enough, carrying crystals on oneself is a personal preference. 

“When I started using my Rose Quartz, my confidence soared,” junior Emilee Huyn said. “I got a total god complex and felt so sure in myself.”

This crystal can be used for a variety of things: encouraging love, stimulating abundance, dealing with emotional and mental illnesses, and promoting sleep due to its calming energies. Rose Quartz is one of the most versatile crystals due to its calming and loving energies, and it is even said to amplify beauty. Overall, this stone invites love, joy, and abundance into life. It will help promote all types of love in life, whether it be from self or others.

Protection – Black Tourmaline 

Chakra: Root

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Libra, Capricorn

Planet: Earth

Black Tourmaline, often referred to as a “spiritual vacuum,” is a shielding crystal meant to protect the owner from any negative energy. This crystal is a powerful grounding stone providing a connection between the earth and the spirit. 

Black Tourmaline puts up a psychic shield to deflect and dispel negative energies, entities, and destructive forces. The stone’s supporting power aligns the energy centers of the body, shining a healing light throughout the body. It is said to be one of the most effective and powerful stones that can protect and heal its partner spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. This crystal is popular for its ability to prevent misfortune, illnesses, sickness, and anything that can bring negativity. Although it is more closely connected to the root chakra, it is also useful in balancing and opening all chakras. 

This crystal is a karma stone, so when it deflects the negative energy, it relays it back at whatever produced the negative energy. Due to the energies of Black Tourmaline, it can boost confidence, happiness, and relieve stress. It is a crystal whose only purpose is complete protection to its partner. 

“Crystals are your friends, they are here to support humanity,” Rinella said.

Black Tourmaline is used most efficiently when it is worn on the left side. The stone does not need to be worn and can be placed in any area to shield it in a protective bubble. Wearing the crystal provides consistent protection. 

“I keep [one] in my car for protection, I feel like it forms a shield of protection around me and as a nervous driver, it really helps put me at ease,” Huyn said. 

This stone not only provides protection but can also neutralize the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution emitting from electronic devices due to its vibrational frequency. Overall, Black Tourmaline can clear any negative energies and provide general happiness and protection.

Creativity – Carnelian

Chakra: Sacral, Base

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Aries

Planet: Mars

Carnelian is a stabilizing energy crystal that stimulates vitality, motivation, and creativity. This stone can provide improvements in all aspects of life due to its invigorating energy.

Carnelian’s warming energy revitalizes the soul and helps prepare its partner for transformation. This crystal’s warmth brings the soul emotionally calming and secure energy, guaranteeing its partner they will always have support, allowing them to take new chances with confidence. Carnelian relieves its partner of distracting anxieties and provides the courage to be able to embark on new experiences. It provides grounding and passionate energy to help enhance creativity and provide stabilizing and comforting energy. 

Carnelian’s work with the sacral chakra is connected to feelings of empowerment, especially in women, as it encourages the concept that women are the origin of humanity on earth and all that has been created since. 

“It keeps all the creative energy flowing and because it works with the sacral chakra, it promotes the idea of being pregnant with creativity,” Rinella said.

Carnelian can be used in many ways to attract different things. It can be carried on the body, preferably touching skin, for constant stabilizing and motivating energy. It can be placed on the front door of the house to attract prosperity and abundance. In addition, it can be placed on the west side of the home to foster creativity and productivity, as well as on the south side of the home to promote success and luck.

“The more you work with [crystals], the more their subtle energies will start to impact you,” Rinella said.

This stone is also known to promote concentration and help release emotional baggage. Overall, Carnelian is a crystal that enhances motivation and courage and promotes creativity.

Wealth and Prosperity – Citrine

Chakra: Solar Plexus, influential to all

Element: Air

Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn

Planet: Jupiter

Citrine, also known as the “Merchant’s Stone” and “Success Stone”, is an energizing and emotionally balancing crystal. It can be used not only for wealth and success but also for creativity and energy.

Citrine is a fast transmuting energy crystal that allows for swift realignment of its partner’s energies when they are feeling stressed, making room for positive and abundant energies to flow throughout the body. This crystal’s energetic abilities are the main reason it is referred to as the Merchant’s Stone since its power to transform negative energy and exchange it quickly allows for abundance to flood in. 

This stone is perfect for manifestation because of its energy transmutation abilities. Its vibrations will help raise its partner’s vibrations, elevate their mood and change their mindset to where they feel they deserve all the good things in life, including abundance. This crystal will change its partner’s outlook on life to include optimism and have faith in the process of life.

“It’s one of my favorite stones,” Rinella said. “It’s a quiet, powerful crystal. It’s in my wallet, in my purse, my money box, [and] it’s in my register.”

Citrine is best used to attract wealth when placed in any area where the money is kept or somewhere that is associated with money. To help enhance imagination and creativity, it is best to have citrine close to the body.

Citrine is a versatile crystal promoting not only wealth but aiding in manifestation, spreading positive energy, and encouraging self-improvement. This crystal is a must-have for those who want to introduce helpful and exciting things into their lives. Overall, it is an attractive crystal for its ability to introduce and secure all kinds of abundance, particularly financial abundance, as well as providing vitalizing energy. 

Crystal expert Beth Rinella recommends a chakra set for those who are just starting their use of crystals. A set includes seven crystals, each one affecting a different chakra and emotions. A person can take total liberties with their chakra set and choose any crystal that calls out to them that relates to any of the seven chakras. 

Rinella is the founder and owner of the local crystal shop, Goddess I Am Healing and Meditation Center in Naples on Goodlette-Frank road. Goddess I Am opened its doors seven years ago in Naples and boasts a variety of healing and psychic services, as well as guided meditations, astrology chart readings, herbal facials, and more. Stop by the shop and peruse the wide selection of crystals, any crystal is capable of helping someone thrive when combined with good intentions.