The transition from middle school to high school is a critical part in a student’s academic experience. There are five main ways to get ready for the big transition and to prepare for what is to come in high school.

Tip #1: Set academics as your first priority 

The first way to survive high school is to make sure that studies come first. Focusing on school work during freshman year can help you establish a good work ethic throughout high school.

“You think middle school is hard?” senior Caroline Figueroa said. “Don’t stress over work in middle school because high school is what counts and should be the main [goal].”

Tip #2: Be yourself 

The second way to survive high school is to be you. Having the consistent worry of trying to get people to like you or be friends with you is a waste of time.

“Don’t worry about what people are going to think of you,” senior Monty Vaca said. “Surround yourself with people that you enjoy being around and are a good influence to be around with.” 

Tip #3: Be familiar with the campus 

The third way to survive high school is to make sure you know where your classes are. Not knowing where classrooms are on the first day of school can cause panic on an already stressful day.

“On the first day of school, I was handed my classes and I felt like I could find them based on the room number, but turns out that was the worst decision,” senior Simran Chatta says. “I highly recommend freshmen to study a map of the school before the first day of school so you are more aware of where classes are located.”

Tip #4: Socialize with new people

The fourth way to survive high school is to be open to finding new people to socialize with. Staying with your middle school friends and peers is great, but to truly experience the high school experience is to try to meet people who are new and didn’t go to your middle school. 

“One of the best experiences of high school for me was getting the chance to meet so many new people,” senior Lauren Brutum said. “I came from a private school, so meeting all of these new people was a good start for me in high school.”

Tip #5: Take advantage of everything that Naples High has to offer 

Lastly, to survive high school, have as much fun as you can for the next four years. Try new things like classes, clubs or sports.

“I am graduating this year and looking back on my high school years, there are things that I regret not doing in high school,” senior Emma Luck says. “Before going to college and starting your adult life, have as much fun and excitement in high school and do things that you enjoy to do, not what others want you do.”