The bright lights at Victoria Park always seem to get folks into the Christmas spirit, and NHS students are no exception.

From the big blue arches, to the light up American flag, Victoria Park never fails to excite people about the holidays.

“It’s so pretty and has so many unique lights that you would never see anywhere else,”  junior Ashley Hendrix stated after seeing the lights on Friday night with a couple of friends.

This neighborhood has been doing these lights for years, and has been a go to Christmas activity in Naples.

“My parents would take me with them when I was younger and it always got me excited for Christmas”, Naples High junior Lilly Herrera said.

Victoria Park is a great place for friends and family who want to get into the holiday spirit.

“It’s the only neighborhood that goes all out with lights and other decorations”, Naples High Junior Colby Stabile said after going a couple times this past year.

Since there is no snowfall or opportunities to cozy up by a fire, Victoria Park is a hotspot for Naples residence to get their slice of holiday heaven.