Naples High School offers a variety of after-school extracurriculars, one of which is sports. After-school sports practices tend to make up most of the evening time after school, and students struggle to find the time to work on assignments.  

Student-athletes have to plan ahead to find some time in the day to finish any upcoming work that’s due.

“I typically work on homework during any down time at school, such as after completing an assignment,” junior Kiley Mckernan said. “I also make sure to work on it directly after school or later that night, such as after practice.” 

Study methods are different for everyone since there are routines that work for certain people and some that don’t. 

“I find watching videos on the difficult topics whenever I have time, and reviewing notes the easiest way for me to study,” sophomore Safiya Fakhoury said.

Between trying to balance academics and sports, student’s have to endure the struggles that come along with this. 

“Time management is pretty difficult,” junior Bridgette Graney said. “If I get off track even a little bit I can fall behind on my school work, and it is difficult to catch up after that.” 

Even though there is so much to focus on, student-athletes still strive to maintain a great GPA and are capable of anything. 

“Though practice is an everyday thing, there’s always some time to spend doing your work,” senior Andrew Saint Fleur said. “You gotta be as committed to the classroom as you are to the field, court or track.”