On March 2, juniors at Naples High School will be taking the SAT. The SAT is a multiple choice and grid-in paper and pencil test administered by the College Board. By completing the test, students take the next big step into their college process.

The SAT is around 4 hours long and has four sections:

Reading – 52 questions for 65 minutes
Writing and Language – 44 questions for 35 minutes
Math – 58 questions for 80 minutes

Studying and Tips

Studying for the SAT takes a lot of motivation to improve scores and involves doing many practice tests.

“I’ve been studying through Khan Academy to prepare for the SAT,” junior Havana Layton said. “It is a really helpful website that enables students to access their previously missed questions from the PSAT and study what they need to perform better on the next SAT.”

One of the key strategies is to focus on time management and skip questions that might seem really challenging at first.

“Personally, I would say that a good tip is to check the clock frequently,” said Layton. “I have never actually taken the SAT, but the first time I took the PSAT I ran out of time. Skipping the difficult questions and coming back to them later on is a smart choice.”


With the majority of colleges and universities being test-optional for upcoming admissions cycles, many students are undecided if they should take the SAT or not.

“Take it,” SAT proctor Deborah Adkins said. “Colleges might use it if your GPA or something else is not that great. It is also a concordant score for FSA.”

The SAT this coming Wednesday gives students a free chance to take it.

“March 2nd is a great opportunity for juniors to take the SAT because it is free and during the school day,” said Layton. “That means you won’t have to come in on a Saturday to take a 4 hour test!”

Testing Room Materials and Locations

Taking a four hour test gets exhausting and emotionally draining, bringing some snacks and drinks is a must.

“I make sure to bring pencils, my calculator and a hoodie because testing rooms are always cold,” junior Kelsey Scott said.”

Access the College Board SAT student guide here: March 2 SAT Student Guide

Testing locations may be found on Canvas.