Jewelry is a fashion statement or a daily accessory that complements an outfit. However, with prices going up, jewelry has been expensive.

In the local area, Tin City has been a tremendous asset. It is located on 5th Ave. South in the Waterfront Shops and has a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

“The quality is great for the price. Since the last time I’ve gone, the prices range from about $5-$15,” sophomore Lucille Spieth said. “I’ve been wearing a few items [from] there for a year. Since most of the jewelry is composed of shells, beads and crystals, there are minor losses of pigmentation.”

These stores sell beautiful pieces and as Spieth puts it, the jewelry there is simple and versatile when it comes to outfits. Another trendy place to get jewelry is downtown in a store called Brandy Melville.\

“I have bought it before because it’s good quality,” freshman Sofia Calzadilla said. “After wearing it many times, the jewelry maintained good quality.”

Online stores like Shein and Romwe have been good for targeting all groups of style. These stores are easily accessible and have affordable prices that fit everyone’s range.

“Their jewelry is very affordable and the pieces that I did buy from there, I’ve never had a problem with,” freshman Melanie Diaz said. “I typically wear one everyday.”

As for these stores, they target a wide range of jewelry, like specific earrings or bracelets in different sizes. They also have different ways of making them using materials like beads, metal, stones and more. However, some accessories may be more durable than others. 

“I was tugging on a necklace that I got from Romwe and it broke. It was an easy fix, but I would just be more careful with the jewelry as not tugging them like I did,” Diaz said. “As for pigmentation, so far none of my jewelry has lost any sort of pigmentation. I believe it’s most likely because I never get them wet, that way they don’t rust or anything like that.”

The word jewelry is a broad term itself – it is a way for people to express themselves and show interest in many things. Jewelry is also something many people bond over and relate to, creating friendships and ultimately being a confidence booster.

“What I like about jewelry is how it can be with any type of clothes and still look cute,” Calzadilla said.