Fashion is ever changing today. Teenagers express themselves through their clothing and figure out who they are by trying different styles. Students at NHS are very diverse in what they wear on a day to day basis. 

“I would describe my clothing aesthetic as a kind of mash up of different styles of clothing,” senior Ethan Brendel said. “When picking clothes to wear I am usually inspired by different styles and mix them up to my liking.” 

Utilizing style ideas from others is what makes fashion trendy and popular among teens.

“I get my fashion inspiration from current and past fashion trends and from people that I may see on Instagram or Tiktok,” Brendel said. “From the inspiration I add my own personalization of the clothing that fits what I like to wear.”

Popular trends in fashion are to bring back trends from the past and modernize them. By putting a current touch to old trends creates a space for creativity and expression in the world of fashion.

“I like to shop at PacSun, Urban Outfitters and Goodwill to find all different styles,” freshman Christian Rock said. “90s and 2000s clothes are my favorite.”

Trends come and go with the seasons and many follow along. In the summer, stores like Billabong and Tillys become very popular, compared to the winter when Lululemon and Patagonia are favored. 

“I tend to change my style based on the seasons and weather,” sophomore Gabi Boyd said. “Fashion changes all the time and it can represent who a person really is.”

The seasons in Florida don’t dramatically change the weather like it does in other states, but the fashion doesn’t follow the same course. 

“I suggest buying a couple staple pairs of jeans that you love and would wear with anything, and then be adventurous with the tops you wear,” sophomore Zoe Brunton said. “In summer, I wear jean shorts and crop tops or an oversized t-shirt, and in winter I will wear longer jeans and a sweater or hoodie.”  

With the winter fashion season coming to an end and spring on its way to begin, some question what trends may come next. 

“I have no idea what the next big thing will be,” Rock said. “I hope that jeans can make a comeback in the way they have for girls. Not many guys wear jeans and it would be cool to see how people style them.”