As Valentine’s Day approaches, the Naples High School staff will be starting to sell roses on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

“The roses seem like a very unique idea,” junior Becca Castells said. “It will be a great thing because the roses are actually real.”

The bouquets will be sold outside of building 8 and delivered on Thursday, Feb. 14. The festive flowers come in a variety of colors. The flowers come in either black, blue, or gold.

“I think the roses are a good idea, especially for couples,” junior Colby Stabile said.

Overall, the students at Naples High School believe the roses are a great addition for Valentines Day.

“It’s nice to see the school put effort into making this holiday special,” junior Ben Korn said.

The roses seem to be a success within the Naples High School student body. The many roses that have been sold over the past week will hopefully make their recipients very happy.