Crumbl Cookies has become one of the most popular dessert destinations since 2021. This dessert shop has become popular due to the fact that they change their flavors every week and everyone can try a new, different flavor.

The nearest Crumbl Cookies store in Florida is either Miami or Sarasota. Not many people are willing to drive all the way to these locations for a cookie.

“This new location [in the Naples Boulevard area] is extremely convenient as there’s not really any in southwest Florida,” sophomore Avery Woodworth said. “The closest one is about an hour or so away.”

Everyone has different taste buds, so the fact that Crumbl creates unique flavors every week is very appealing to customers.

“I’ve only had it once but I think the cookies are good. I think it’s cool how they change their flavors every week,”sophomore Farrell Carran said. “It brings something new to the table.”

Crumbl Cookies has been using social media to promote their shop and their main source of audience would be teens or young adults. Most teens are more into sweets, so this opening will be popular with a younger audience.

“I think they’ve become so popular because of how they’re portrayed on social media such as Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram, etc,” sophomore Lindsey Beaber said. “The company does a very good job with displaying their products in a way that is very appealing to young eyes.”

Opening a location here in Naples, Florida will attract a bunch of customers from all across town, especially high school students after school. It can act like an after school snack.

“It’s a very popular chain of cookies and as soon as it opens there will be tons of customers,” Woodworth said. “We don’t even have to drive all the way to Sarasota to try it.”