The end of the school year is approaching and college decisions are in review. Seniors who have applied to colleges are currently looking at the schools they’ve been accepted to and must make a decision about where to spend the next few years.

Senior year is notorious for going by quickly. College applications and decisions are an important aspect of 12th grade, but it’s essential to not lose track of goals.

“Prioritize yourself before anything else, but also make sure to manage your time with applications, schooling and scholarship searches,” senior Fay Ghorayeb said. “Senior year is much more overwhelming than advertised.”

Senioritis is similar to a break from reality, but keeping up with school work is just as important as any other year.

“My advice would be to stay focused and don’t let the fact that it’s your last year of highschool get to your head,” senior Arianna Kinsley said. “You still have expectations to do your work and get good grades.”

Arianna has stayed on top of her goals and has committed to Alabama A&M University to play soccer. Keeping your options open is helpful, especially when you aren’t sure what school you want to attend.

“I highly encourage applying with a binding Early Decision application [if you’ve decided where you want to attend],” Ghorayeb said. “[It] will help increase your level of admission [as well as] starting your essays as early as possible.”

While making a decision, it’s important to take into account the amenities provided by each school. For example, programs, housing, financial aid, etc.

“I’m really looking forward to playing soccer at the highest level and getting my degree,” Kinsley said. “[I can’t wait to] finally get to study in a subject I enjoy.”

It’s important to stay excited for the upcoming college experience. Senior Coral Morley plans to attend the University of Georgia this Fall to major in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

“Applying to college may be stressful and intimidating but you are going to love wherever you go and have an amazing time,” Morley said. “All the hard work you put into your future is going to be more than worth it so don’t forget to have fun throughout the process!”