With Spring Break only one week away, students and their families are busy making plans for the week-long break. This could be a road trip, flying to another state or just staying at home with friends and family. 

“I’m going to Lake Tahoe with my family,” freshman Hannah Finman said. “We chose Lake Tahoe because my brother and I have never seen snow before and it seems like a fun place to visit.”

The Finman family is getting ready for their new adventure. Hannah and her brother have never seen snow before, so they are extremely excited for their spring break this year. Finman says that they plan on skiing and doing other snow activities such as snowball fights and building a snowman. Most importantly, they can’t wait to relax. She said they have already started shopping and packing thick winter clothes since it will be cold. Lake Tahoe is in Sierra, Nevada, and since it is still early in the year, with it being March, they still expect snowfall for the next few weeks. 

Freshman Brandy Singleton says that she is also going to Lake Tahoe for spring break for one reason: to ski. Singleton travels to Lake Tahoe at least twice a year because her family is very invested in skiing. The family always tries to improve their skiing skills as well as spend more quality time together.

“My dad introduced me to skiing because he was a professional, and like father like daughter, I fell in love with it too.” Singleton said.

With busy schedules, going to school and work, Brandy and her dad don’t get to spend much time together, so spring break is the perfect time for them to catch up and have some bonding time. 

“I can’t wait to go skiing with my dad again, I’m always so busy with work and school so this is going to be a fun way to spend time with my dad until summer break,” said Singleton.

Freshman Charlotte Marshall says that her family doesn’t know what they are doing for spring break quite yet, but sailing will definitely be involved. Marshall might just stay here or travel to Fort Lauderdale to go sailing over this week-long break.

“I have been sailing for five years,” Marshall said. “I made the 2021 National Team and was invited to represent the USA at the North American Championships in Mexico.”

Having this break is the perfect time to get out on the water and practice her sailing techniques. With sailing practice and competitions, any type of practice she can get in is going to help her tremendously. 

“Spring break is the last hurrah for students to have fun and be kids before the last stretch of an exhausting school year,” Singleton said.