The new residential and entertainment development, Metropolitan Naples, has begun development and will be popular among younger crowds.

Metropolitan Naples is a new development in Naples that will most likely host offices, residential areas, shopping and restaurants. The location is just by Fifth Avenue, which makes it a perfect spot for all age groups to hang out in and enjoy the entertainment it will offer.

“I think this is a good location because it’s near all the main stores and restaurants,” sophomore Samira Tapilova said.

Not only is it a good location, it’s a refreshing new area for teenagers to hang out. Naples High School isn’t going to be too far from Metropolitan Naples’ location. Students who are bored of Coastland Mall will be relieved when Metropolitan Naples opens.

“I hope that Metropolitan Naples is a place where teens can go to shop and that it’s family friendly,” Tapilova said.

Development on this property has just recently begun, and it’s no easy undertaking. The surge is led by Jerry Starkey and Fred Pezeshkan.

“Metropolitan Naples will take about four years to develop,” Starkey said. “We have been putting infrastructure onsite (utilities, etc) during the past year.”

Due to the region it’s located in, the housing will be priced accordingly.

“The homes at MN are priced from about $1.5M to over $6M,” Starkey said. “The demographics will be similar to the rest of downtown Naples.”