Fashion designer, photographer and artist Alanna Jaron is living her dreams at 18 years old. Not only is she managing her life as a senior at Naples High, she is simultaneously working towards her passion and goals as a fashion artist.

“I have always been an artist and always balanced school with creative projects and community art,” Jaron said.

For as long as she can remember, Jaron has been drawn to art and fashion. She began with fine arts like painting and drawing, and developed into film, photography, graphic design and fashion.

“My whole life art has been my identity and interest,” Jaron said. “About four years ago I created my first two-piece collection of sustainably made garments, and I continued developing my work from there.”

Jaron has not just set up her future as a designer, she is already active in the industry. She is currently working on sewing projects, producing photoshoots and constructing runway shows to advertise her creations. Jaron plans to go to college for fashion design this fall.

“I can definitely say I am never bored. I look at my schedule and plan around school and meetings for art and design,” Jaron said. “I am also on the editorial board for Naples Literary Magazine here at NHS and that has kept me stacked with edits and graphic design soon to be published.”

Despite this busy schedule, Jaron still participates in local art shows and hosts her own runway shows. She has been the youngest designer in every show in town. A few years ago, she received the opportunity to show her paintings in an Art Basel Miami show.

“This show gave me a sense of what it feels like to show art in a more urban environment,” Jaron said. “I had the chance to meet artists and people from all over the world.”

All of these are the product of her creativity.

“In fashion design, I like to experiment with contrasting motifs like classic pearls and dark graphic prints. This design aesthetic can be found in almost all of my garments and gives each piece an element of humor and depth,” Jaron said. “Being an artist as your career is a blessing and curse. It’s like you’re never able to turn your art-thinking brain off but you’re always developing and furthering your ideas and plans.”

As Jaron has grown and evolved her best friend, Lauren Connell, senior at Naples High, has stuck by her side. Since sixth grade art class, the two have been close, supporting and encouraging each other to be the best possible versions of themselves.

“She has a creative instinct that I have never seen in anyone else, not even close. She is unapologetic about who she is and is something so unique and rare to see in a high school girl,” Connell said.

Chelon Perez-Benitoa teaches drawing and painting courses, AP Studio Art and art history at Naples High. As Jaron’s teacher, she shared her outlook on her as a student.

“It is refreshing to have a student who is willing to try new things in art, explore independently and try things, [and] then be willing to share and or teach others,” Perez-Benitoa said. “She will take an idea and move with it in a new direction which is always successful.”

Another good friend and coworker of Jaron’s, Michelle Tricca, has watched her grow and thrive throughout the 16 years they have known each other. The two now collaborate on photoshoots and creative art projects.

“Her dedication to her passion for fashion will bring her into many opportunities to collaborate with like minded people,” Tricca said. “I see her creating fun and innovative fashions and producing fun and evocative fashion and art shows.”

All this being said, Jaron has a bright future ahead of her. She plans to work in the fashion design industry making garments shown on runways and for sale under a brand of her own. Her goal is to produce clothes more sustainably than the current industry is doing right now.

“She will choose whatever path she feels is right for her and it will be designing new innovative and imaginative pieces,” Connell said. “Jaron is the type of girl who can excel in anything that she puts her mind to.”

“I enjoy the life this has given me so far. Being an artist and designer is my personality, my hobby and my future job,” Jaron said. “The ability to change someone’s mood or feeling just by changing how they look is so powerful. That is one thing I love about photography and styling: the attitude and emotion a change in clothing can make.”