Taking on extra shifts at work, babysitting on weekends, not eating out and asking parents for money are all things student drivers may be doing in order to afford the rising gas prices. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has provoked President Biden to sign an Executive Order banning all importation of oil or gas from Russia. Along with the lack of importation of Russian gas to America, many other circumstances are causing gas prices to rise.

“The cost is of gas getting way out of hand,” junior Colin Madwar said. “I can barely afford to fill my tank once a week.”

Prices vary depending on the seller, but the average price range for regular gas is about $3.95 to $4.25. Many students have been looking for jobs to help ease the financial burden of paying for car payments, insurance, taxes, food, extracurriculars and hobbies.

“When I first got my car my mom would pay for my gas and my insurance,” sophomore Ellie Gevanthor said. “Once I had to start taking on the responsibility of paying for high priced gas, I started applying for part time jobs.”

However, some student drivers haven’t felt this struggle. Students with a comfortable income or a savings account have built in wiggle room for scenarios like this.

“I haven’t really noticed the gas prices affecting me,” senior Elle Moore said. “I work two jobs and I don’t have to drive very far to get to them.”

The rate per gallon in Florida has fluctuated from $3.47, mid January, to $4.20, in early April. Big changes like this can harshly affect teens who can work limited hours per week legally.

“With how much a person is spending, at my age, for gas is ridiculous,” Madwar said. “I work a minimum wage job and take on as many hours as I can, while balancing school and sports.”

Juggling responsibilities is part of growing up and maturing. The added financial struggles caused by climbing gas prices have striked inspiration in some NHS students.

“Even though this is a bad situation, I try to make the best out of everything that is thrown my way,” junior Skye CeAnne said. “I’ve noticed my work ethic in my job growing so I can compensate.”