Italian, Chinese, Mexican, American, Greek and many more types of cuisines can be found around town. With these restaurants, they are well known for being successful and having quality food. A restaurant gives a customer a home-kind of feel with great food and a welcoming atmosphere. 

In 1953, Kelly Ellis started Kelly’s Fish House as the oldest restaurant to open in Naples, which has waterside views with a variety of affordable seafood dishes.

Since then, Naples has seen many more restaurants come and go, but there are some places that locals like to eat at to escape their daily tasks year round, including Pelagos, Naples Pizza and Hibachi of Japan ll.



4951 Tamiami Trail N

Naples, FL 34103


Pelagos is a Greek-themed restaurant that has fabulous food and atmosphere. Pelagos has been open since 2012 and continues to be a successful restaurant.

“My favorite is Pelagos; it’s a small Greek cafe on 41,” junior Ella Perry said. “It’s never crowded, their staff is so nice and the food is amazing.”

The food itself sets it apart from the rest. The menu ranges from salads to different types of meats like pork tenderloin, salmon and mahi-mahi. 

“My favorite dish there is the Greek salad with either grilled salmon or chicken,” Perry said. “Best meal I have ever had.”

The restaurant doesn’t only have extraordinary food, but it’s convenient for local residents to go there.

“It’s close to my dad’s office so he goes there for lunch all the time,” Perry said. “He brought us some food from there one day, and now we go at least once a week.”

Naples Pizza

7087 Radio Rd,

Naples, FL 34104


The Naples Pizza restaurant has a great selection of Italian food. It also gives customers an option to get their food delivered, or they can sit in the dining room.

“My favorite restaurant is Naples Pizza located in Golden Gate,” sophomore Meaghan McKernan said. “It has several options that are all very good and has a family feel.”

The restaurant has lots to choose from like different types of pasta, pizzas, salads and cakes/pies.

“I like to order their pizzas or their hot Italian subs,” Mckernan said.

Naples Pizza is also pretty special because it has a friendly atmosphere and makes customers feel like they are home. 

“The restaurant is unique because it is family owned,” Mckernan said.

“Surrender Your Taste Buds!” is the restaurant’s slogan and it perfectly describes the type of experience that customers can expect.


Hibachi of Japan ll

7335 Radio Rd 3105,

Naples, FL 34104


Hibachi of Japan ll is a Japanese restaurant that has excellent service and is not too expensive.

“My favorite restaurant in town definitely has to be Hibachi of Japan on Radio Road,” junior Marissa Ricigliano said.

Hibachi of Japan has a variety of dishes from fabulous sushi rolls to nice noodles and hibachi bowls.

“I always get the California rolls with beef dumplings,” Ricigliano said. “They are so good.”

The restaurant doesn’t get too busy so customers can get in and out of there in a hurry.

“I go once a week, and it’s just so close and easy to get to,” Ricigliano said. “If I’m looking for a date night with my boyfriend, I can just sit inside and get food with really fast and easy service.”