Podcasts have become increasingly popular, so much so that they are now available on almost all music and social media platforms. Teens and young adults are now incorporating podcasts into their everyday lives whether it is during school, at work or in their free time. 

Podcasts are becoming more mainstream due to influencers and other relevant figures being interviewed on trending, controversial subjects. 

“I think as generations grow older, new and trending topics are being discussed which pulls in millions to listen,” freshman Jenna Corder said. 

Following controversial topics, podcast hosts and guests can now simply share their opinions and interesting views which encourages listeners to engage and explore the reasoning behind those opinions. 

“Podcasts help me see other people’s perspectives,” Corder said. “It’s interesting to me to hear other people’s views and advice.”

But it is not just celebrity brawls and “hot takes” that attract younger generations, podcasts are now providing educational concepts that can benefit listeners substantially. 

“I think the number one benefit from podcasts is that they educate you historically, graphically and so on,” sophomore Ethan Morey said. “Most podcasts talk in an entertaining way which is why I think it’s easy to learn and understand.”

With these educational podcasts, students and young adults can now learn from home when it is most convenient. Information that is provided in a more “fresh” style, like using slang or relatable podcast hosts, is easier to digest.

“I’ve learned a lot of very historial and educational things just from listening to a podcast, like murder mysteries and anatomy studies,” freshman Brook Hyde said.“The type of podcasts I listen to are mostly fun history stories where they’ll apply makeup while telling the story.”

While there are so many benefits to podcasts, it is unknown if they will continue to be relevant for younger generations as trends tend to die and revive as the years go by. 

“In my opinion, I believe podcasts will continue thriving as more creators will continue to produce content for their viewers and use podcasts as a significant leg in their careers,” Hyde said.