After months of planning and being postponed from Hurricane Ian, the annual NHS Homecoming dance will be held on Oct. 22 in the gym. 

Ticket sales were extended and refundable due to the delay caused by the storm. If a ticket was not purchased in the week of Sept. 19, students still had an opportunity to buy a ticket for a fee of $25 by filling out the required information listed.

Tickets can only be bought when the student has a minimum GPA of 2.0 and is without any outstanding obligations. Along with properly purchasing tickets, attendees are required to arrive at the event in a prompt manner.

“We can’t leave the doors open forever and let students in, [so] make sure that you’re on time for the Homecoming games,” Assistant Principal Eric Maya said.

The theme for the upcoming dance was declared to be “Under the Sea.” Attendees should expect to see a variety of creative aquatic decorations, including some even handmade by their fellow peers. Despite the efficient decision-making process, it is evident that the final announcement was the result of a team effort.

“SGA consists of members of all the classes, so we are able to get feedback from representatives of all grades when preparing for school events,” SGA President Havana Layton said.

The dress code for Homecoming consists of semi-formal attire. Unlike Prom, students will be able to wear casual dresses or button-down shirts in place of the typical gown and suit. The comfortable clothing is perfect for dancing to music compiled by a DJ. 

“I would definitely expect some songs from the top of the charts and also some classics,” SGA President Havana Layton said.