Naples High School underclassmen received new laptops from the district to exchange for the old computers. A schedule was put in place for the juniors to receive their laptops through their social studies class and for sophomores and freshmen to receive their laptops through their English class. 

1400 HP G9 laptops were re-imaged and sent to NHS from the district. They were taken to the Media Center to be secured until they were distributed by Media Specialist Lydia Sexton. 

“Mrs. Sexton came up with a very organized system, including the cleaning of the old devices, organizing based on current condition and scanning to verify that the assigned device was documented as returned,” Principal Kristina Lee said. “Students checked them out based on a schedule that didn’t interfere with progress monitoring two or midterms.”

Sexton was responsible for dealing with the intake of the old G7 laptops and giving out the new ones. She also had to take note of all the damage that came along with the old laptops. 

“While collecting laptops, we assessed a lot of damage like broken screens, vandalism and worn off barcodes, but the majority of the damage we found was frame and hinge damage,” Sexton said.

Many of these minor damages did not lead to any disciplinary actions for students. Any damages on the new laptops, however, will not be forgiven so easily. 

“These devices travel back and forth between home and school and to seven different classrooms a day, [so] they take a lot of wear and tear,” Sexton said. 

The devices are fragile and need to be treated with care for longevity. Sexton and Media Specialist Julie Hayford urge students to be careful with their laptops. 

“It’s important to remember that these laptops, though they seem like personal devices, are CCPS property, and should be treated as such,” Sexton said.