Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway was a revolutionary new marketable show listed on the assortment of marquees in New York City in 2014. The production recently hopped on a magic carpet and flew down to Naples for an engagement at the Artis-Naples theater as a feature of their broadway series.

This show truly captures the essence of the movie it uses as source material. Equipped with rambunctious dance routines and extended numbers, the Genie takes the audience to a land of a faraway place. 

Disney is known for their appeal to all ages, and this show is no different. Anyone can enjoy the brilliance of Aladdin, as the cast delivers the music as if you are immersed in the land of Agrabah. Compared to other Broadway shows, this one holds its ground. The technical factor is incomparable and is well ahead of its time.

Aladdin is a must-watch for entry-level Broadway fans. Theater should be more accessible to everyone, and Aladdin is a great stepping stone to introduce it. The show was successful in its attempts to tell the story of a bastard trying to prove himself and to make his mother proud of him. 

Furthermore, the audience was cooperative and enhanced the experience with their applause and participation in the story. Throughout the show, Genie often made remarks referencing the City of Naples, which was immersive and exciting for the attendees. 

The music will have you singing in your head as you exit stage right and venture onwards back to real life. Euphoria fills you as you get up out of your seat and plan your next return to the fictional musical land of Agrabah.