Dove Beauty Advanced Care Deodorant is the best on the market. It is hydrating for your skin, has a soft texture, and a creamy formula that allows for a smooth application with a long lasting scent.

Dove Advanced Care comes in six different scents: Cool Essentials, Beauty Finish, Go Fresh Revive, Lavender Fresh, Caring Coconut and lastly Apple and White Tea. With a wide range of scents comes opportunity to excel or disappoint; unsurprisingly, Dove rose to the challenge and made sure that every scent lives up to their name. Each scent is subtle and aims not to be overpowering while staying on all day. 

While the classic stick deodorant does a phenomenal job, Dove also offers a roll-on option and a spray for their customers’ preference. Each unique style does what is promised. The classic stick has a smooth application that feels buttery. The roll-on is slightly tackier when first applied, but is clear and won’t show up on any colored clothes if rubbed. Lastly, the spray is lightweight with a protective layer to keep any odors from escaping. 

All of Dove Advanced Care deodorants include natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. On the contrary, competitors such as Old Spice and Degree are not cruelty-free and are filled with dangerous chemicals. 

In fact, Old Spice is currently facing a five million dollar lawsuit after their deodorants caused extreme burns. The makers of Old Spice and Secret (another competitor deodorant brand) have had a multitude of issues with their products. 

This is what makes Dove as a brand stand out. It is a popular deodorant and has been rated a five out of five stars by 25,000 customers for good reason. Dove separates themselves from the competition in all aspects, with diversity in advertisements, non harmful ingredients, natural/clean branding, etc. 

I recommend making the switch to go natural, clean and fresh with Dove Beauty Advanced Care Deodorant.