The newly made film, “The Menu”, came out on Nov. 18 with an abundance of attention. Director Mark Mylod and the producers, Betsy Koch, Adam Mkay and Will Ferell, had a budget of $30 million to create a unique, riveting movie experience for the audience. 

It took a little under a year to create this horror/thriller film, which consists of several well-presented actors such as Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes. The movie was purely fictional but was inspired by a restaurant extremely similar to the one that was ultimately made by the producer. 

In the plot, Margot, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, was hired by Tyler, played by Nicholas Hoult, to accompany him on an exclusive trip to a private restaurant. The main focus was portrayed by the rest of the customers’ self-inflicted way of thinking compared to unaffected Margot’s attitude toward the thorough and story-filled cuisines. The chef noticed this and decided to try and make Margot a higher rank by working with the chefs, but he ended up being surprised by her ability to make him reflect on his past with something as simple as cooking a cheeseburger. 

Every single dish provided by the head chef described a story about his life in a unique way, which led to some comedic or rather dark remarks. Throughout the film, each and every detail ominously revealed small situations that occurred. Gore was shown continuously towards the ending and fueled the fire to the extreme thriller.

It is clear that this new movie has provided more than enough for the audience to be blown away. Every organized thought the producer had for this movie was displayed, like a blank canvas abruptly being covered in paint. Although this was a great piece of work, there were some scenes and parts in the movie that could have been presented differently or even changed completely to fit a more thriller tone. Overall, it was still an incredible film and would definitely be on the list to rewatch a couple of times.