This year’s Met Gala featured a variety of attendees, ranging from models like Kendall Jenner to politicians like AOC, to the Tiktok sensation Addison Rae. The theme of “American Fashion” gave designers creative and artistic freedom to dress their participants in the most unique and extravagant ways possible. 

The 2021 Met Gala had many fantastic looks that were on theme and breathtaking. However, there were also many outfits that were underwhelming.


Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga

When I first observed Kim’s Met Gala look, I was surprised to say the least. A completely black outfit covering her head-to-toe was an incredibly bold move by her designer, Demna Gvasalia. Upon further investigation, her jaw-dropping outfit connects to the theme of American Fashion. By dressing in only black, Kim creates a silhouette of her body and facial features. Kim’s curvy hips, tight waist, and plump lips are what is stereotypically known to be the American beauty standard. By shadowing herself to exemplify her features, she is showing the world that Kim Kardashian is the American beauty standard. 

Kendall Jenner in Givenchy

Being the highest-paid and arguably most recognizable model in the world, Kendall Jenner keeps viewers on their toes to see her next look. Her reputation is prominent, and millions have high expectations for her Met Gala outfits after her iconic 2019 dress that matched with Kylie Jenner. This year, she stepped out in a flowy, translucent dress that was inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s “My Fair Lady” outfit. Kendall’s dress  dripped in diamonds that wrap around her body, creating a mesmerizing and unforgettable Met Gala outfit. Her designer, Dani Michelle, captured ‘60s glam and added a fun twist to it with this one of a kind gown.

Emma Chamberlain in Louis Vuitton 

The internet sensation and fashion icon Emma Chamberlain attended her first Met this year in a glamorizing Louis Vuitton dress that complimented her skin tone and makeup. The dress, which took 290 hours to formulate by hand, includes 9,000 rhinestones and almost 2,000 Swarovski crystals. Her stylist, Jared Ellner, had custom-made gold-chain nails specifically formulated to her hands and provided a dress that did not disappoint. With a flow of diamonds dripping off of Emma and two glittering rhombuses to work as the top, she stunned the carpet and made a fantastic first impression at the Met Gala.




Addison Rae in Gucci

Tiktoker Addison Rae has amassed nearly 85 million followers on the social media platform. Her influence on pop culture and society makes her an extremely prominent figure, hence her invitation to the Met Gala. Her outfit consisted of Tom Ford’s 2003 collection with Gucci (Look 43). While the dress is already basic and standard enough, another factor contributes to why this outfit landed on the flop list. The red gown Addison wore has already been worn by another celebrity — her own friend Kourtney Kardashian. A repeated outfit is quite honestly embarrassing for such an exclusive occasion like the Met Gala. Addison provided a wasted opportunity and a rather unfortunate outfit.

Timothee Chalamet in Haider Ackermann and Converse

The well-known actor and celebrity Timothee Chalamet surrounded himself with good expectations for the Met Gala as his new movie Dune” is set to premiere soon. Unfortunately, his attempt to be “different” did not go well with the majority of viewers. The choice of wearing a white tux from the waist-up then proceeding to wear sweatpants and Converse is a unique choice that did not deliver. The outfit looked rushed and ugly, which threw his look into the pile of flops.

Dixie D’amelio in Valentino

Being the sister of social media star Charli D’amelio can be a lot of pressure on someone just getting into adulthood. While Dixie has made an attempt at differentiating herself from her sister by producing music, her songs fail to chart or gain any sort of success. Despite her mess of a music career, she still managed to snag an invite to the most important fashion event of the year. Most would think Dixie would take this as an opportunity to stand out from her sister, but her outfit did not impress. Dixie stepped out on the carpet looking like an ostrich. The basic dress, ugly headpiece and white gloves really locked her spot in the flop category. The opportunities were endless for Dixie, but she took none of them.

The 2021 Met Gala included many beautiful outfits that perfectly grasped the idea of “American Fashion”. Some were iconic, like Kim Kardashian’s fully-black Balenciaga, while others were forgetful, like Addison Rae’s basic, pre-owned dress. Despite the variety of outfits that made their way to the carpet, we can all agree on one thing- this Met Gala will not be forgotten.