JROTC is a military-themed program at Naples High that allows students to learn the foundations of the army through coursework and collaborative projects. 

Classes regularly participate in city events to help foster leadership within its members. Senior Army Instructor Paul Garrah directs many of these initiatives in helping to lead the program. 

“It is very important for our cadets to be a part of our community,” Garrah said. “That is why we participate in a wide variety of events and activities to include parades and veterans.”

The cadets earn community service hours for participating in these events and other projects. 

“We have students with hundreds of volunteer hours [earned in] our school and community,” Garrah said. 

Many of the JROTC cadets have special family ties to the club, which sparked a passion for them to join. 

“The main reason I became a JROTC student was because my brother was also a cadet in his past years, so I felt that having those connections would help me succeed better in the class,” freshman Randy Piloto said. 

Through its program, JROTC helps students develop better leadership skills to help others around them. 

“Another reason [why I joined] was just because I liked the concept and believed that it could help me further my leadership skills,” Piloto said.

The club has helped to add different qualities to the students who are engaged in the club.

“It has helped me have some patience and overall build myself as a leader and member of a team,” Piloto said. 

JROTC’s mission is to help teach students to serve others and do the right thing to improve their community. 

“JROTC is all about lending an extra hand, and through this course, cadets have opportunities 

that is not provided in any other class,” freshman Bobby Newell said.

Preparing the next generation of military personnel is one of the most unique parts of the program, setting a foundation for future career readiness. 

“I chose JROTC because the military is a career path I hope to pursue,” Newell said.