The newest release of the “Creed” franchise, “Creed Ill”, was released in theaters on March 3.  It stars Michael B. Jordan who plays the main character, Adonis Creed, who is a retired successful boxer who is thriving in both his career and family life. The movie introduces Creed’s old childhood friend who is now his biggest enemy.

In the beginning of the movie, the friendship between Creed and his childhood friend Damian, leads to Damian going to jail for him. After he gets out, he decides to pay his old friend a visit. After reuniting, Creed told him that he would help with anything he asked for, leading to Damian abusing this help as he wanted to start boxing. With Creed’s connections, he was able to help Damian get to where he wanted to be. However, Damian started overestimating his abilities which led him to develop a new attitude of superiority. Creed knew he would not stop until he put him in his place, starting the plot of the conflict. 

It is rare for sports celebrities to play their role in movies, but “Creed III” has many popular boxers playing the characters in the movie. Some of the boxers include Canelo Álvarez, Teófimo López and José Benavidez Jr. This addition to the movie makes the audience excited about seeing a celebrity in the film. Not only did it help the actor get a better knowledge of what boxers do, it also adds to the fighting choreography, making the movie realistic so it feels like you are in the stadium watching it.

The cinematography of this movie was equally excellent. There was great camera quality and angles, especially when Damian and Creed were going head-to-head. The intensity of the fighting makes the viewer feel as if they could box and train like them. The music was produced by J. Cole and Dreamville, with J. Cole being known as one of the greatest rappers of all time. The cinematics and the music just pulls the movie all together. 

Overall, “Creed III” is an amazing movie if you are a boxing fanatic or you love watching a good action movie. The rivalry is the best – the actors’ chemistry and intensity between them makes the whole movie come together. These incredible qualities made “Creed III” one of the most emotionally investing sports/action movies I have seen.