Ginny and Georgia is based around the life of teenage girl Ginny, her mom Georgia and her younger brother Austin from Georgia. It is a story of Georgia giving birth to both her children while she was a teenager, with Ginny going through depression. Throughout the plot of the show, various events arise that are affecting the teenagers in the town.

Throughout the storyline, Ginny and Georgia both want Ginny’s biological father Zion to stay since they both care for him, yet they want recently released criminal Gil to leave because he is a dangerous man, although he is Austin’s father. Georgia tries to make a life for her children so that the children do not have to go through all the pain and danger she goes through. Finally, Ginny starts to decide what she can do for herself.

The show has a lot going on within it, from how to deal with negative impacts in life, bonds between families and friends, serious to funny events and being with a new family.

The Netflix show features how small things can change someone’s entire life. It has secondary characters that alter the whole show, such as Nathaniel Mitchell as Zion, Ginny’s dad, and Aaron Ashmore as Gil, Austin’s dad.

Overall, the show is very good, coming to a personal rating of four stars out of five stars. Some things should have been changed, such as how much they focused on the background since some of it did not relate to the show. Yet, it is funny and enjoyable when you need something to watch.