Stephen Edwards has taken over the role of Assistant Principal of Attendance and Discipline following the departure of Mr. Maya from Naples High School on Jan. 12.

“We were sad to see Mr. Maya leave, as he is not only an excellent administrator, but an integral part of our team and the Naples High School community,” Principal Kristina Lee said. “However, we are so excited for him to be able to embrace this new role and new challenge, and we are confident he will do a great job as Assistant Director for Student Relations at CCPS.”

A lengthy application and interview process ensued to determine who the adequate replacement would be once Maya finalized his decision to take a job at the district. A committee comprised of NHS stakeholders and administrators selected the top candidates.

“Our team was excited to have some excellent candidates, and thankful to have Mr. Edwards ready to return back to ‘The Nest’ in this new position,” Lee said. 

Through this process, they found that Mr. Edwards had shown interest in coming back to NHS, where he previously served as a teacher. 

“It feels great to be back at NHS, the administration is very different than my previous job as a teacher here,” Edwards said. “Ever since I decided to pursue a career change to administration, I had a goal of coming back to NHS, so I am blessed to be back at the nest!”

Edwards begins his position halfway through the school year, so this semester will be a learning trial for him going into the beginning of next school year. 

“I hope to learn more about how things operate here at NHS and get to know the students better,” Edwards said. “A lot of things are the same, but there is a lot to learn from the lens of an assistant principal. Most of all I am excited to return to the great school culture here at NHS and I hope that I can be a positive addition to what is already a great school.”

Although he began late into the school year, he is still eager to get started and be a vital part of this campus and its administration. His first day on the job was also Mr. Maya’s last day, so he was able to observe what the veteran administrator did during the day.

“I was able to spend a day with Mr. Maya and Mrs. Quintero here at NHS before he left at the end of the semester,” Edwards said. “That was a good experience because I was able to see the routine here at NHS and get some questions answered about my new responsibilities. I will definitely be calling Mr. Maya at the district office when I have questions or need some guidance on a situation!”