“Persona Three Reload,” is the fourth remake in the Persona series, published by Atlus. The game is scheduled to be released on Feb. 2, 2024. 

“I think they’ve made the characters look very nice, and everything looks sleek. The content they mentioned looks like they’re going to be very good,” freshman Rider Rosendahl said.

Many promotional videos and teasers for the game have already come out, showing some content from the game. It shows returning features from the older games as well as the new ones which have a lot of loyal fans excited.”I think it will be very successful. The trailer makes it look extremely tended to, and it looks like they gave it the detail it deserves,” freshman Victoria Ujlaky said

With Atlus adding new things to the remake as well as having its original stuff, many people are excited to see what things will be added.

“I’m really looking forward to the fact that it’s going to have a system that they showed off in Persona four and five where we get to see the character move around,” Rider Rosendahl said.

Along with the new systems being added, Atlus leaked a lot of the new music into the game’s soundtrack such as revamps of the original soundtracks and completely new tracks.

“I think all three games (Persona Three, Four and Five) originally had amazing soundtracks but from what I’ve seen on each updated version, they’ve all just gotten better and better. The game is going to have an amazing soundtrack, no doubt, and Atlus is going to do an amazing job with it.” Rosendahl said.

Along with the remake of “Persona Three Reload”, Atlus has plenty of other games being produced and created.

”I have played a good amount of Atlus games, being the Persona series and Catherine series, since they provide a great story and fun gameplay.”