“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lll” came out on Nov. 10 with better graphics, new maps and new weapons. Since “Call of Duty’s” first release, the franchise has made many games. 

In every COD game, there is a campaign. With the new release of Modern Warfare lll, The new campaign has become more immersive and more storyline. The campaign is about Captain Price and Task Force 141 fighting a war criminal named Vladimir Makarov.

The multiplayer has become a widely known experience throughout the players. All 16 launch maps from the original Modern Warfare II have been modernized with new modes and gameplay features. The core gameplay will be 6 v. 6 maps and will fuel the post-launch live seasons.

Zombies, the most known mode to players, are now also going to have multiplayer incorporated inside of it. You will now, for the first time, be able to team up with squads and others to fight massive hoards of the undead in the largest COD zombies map ever. The new zombies mode tells a new Treyarch Zombies story with missions, core zombie features and secrets to discover.

Activision had made a new shop design and a new currency for the in-game shop. They have added new skins and new items for players to get and to have more ways to customize your weapon and load-out.

With all these new features, there is still more to come and the franchise will continue to grow. With the new technological advancements coming, there can only be good ways to make the game better.