The fall season may be associated with leaves changing colors, a chill breeze in the air and jack-o’-lanterns filled to the brim with candy. However, for some Floridian NHS students, a few movies come to mind that perfectly encapsulate this autumn and Halloween atmosphere. 

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Disney film created by Director Tim Burton. The twentieth anniversary of the fan favorite has been recently celebrated in many participating theaters through a re-release. The movie tells the story of a lively resident of the mythical Halloween Town and his desire to recreate the Christmas holiday with the help of his friends. 

“My favorite character from the movie has to be the one and only Jack Skellington because while he is the Pumpkin King and can be really scary if he wants, he’s the only character in the movie that also recognizes how much more he could be,” junior Kate Spivey said. “Even though he quite literally almost ruined Christmas, it wasn’t out of malice, you know? He’s just such an innocent and likable character.”

The cinematography, the unique music and the intriguing storyline have caught the hearts of thousands of people throughout all age demographics. Most notably, the method used to make the character come to life is an aspect that many viewers find captivating. 

“I love the animation style. The movie is a stop-motion animated film,” Spivey said. “I find it so impressive how all the characters and the settings were physical sculptures that were repositioned for every single shot.”

The “Nightmare Before Christmas” may also be a less frightening alternative to other Halloween movies. The playfulness of the film could allow those who prefer a more comforting movie to enjoy themselves while tuning into the autumn season. 

“I don’t enjoy watching horror movies, so it’s nice watching a Halloween movie that isn’t scary,” junior Keegan Novinski said. 

“Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a film directed by the highly acclaimed Wes Anderson with a star-studded cast, including actors and actresses such as George Clooney and Meryl Streep. The 2009 stop-motion movie follows Mr. Fox, a husband and father, as he makes a decision that alters his life and relationships in a very great way. Some movies in the autumn may not be directly related to Halloween day, but instead capture the essence of the actual season through color scheme and details. 

“There’s a lot of yellows and oranges which remind me of fall, and there are certain parts of the movie where they say something that’s fall related,” NHS Film Society Club member Avery Black said. “There’s this one scene where they’re talking about like apple fritters and that reminds me of fall a lot.”

The characters in “Fantastic Mr. Fox” contribute to the enticing and amusing features of the film. The flawed traits of each animal and the authenticity of the relationship dynamics may create relatability that viewers can identify with, such as the character Ash, the son of Mr. Fox. 

“I feel like he’s a really good representation of that awkward phase that all teens go through and is a representation that you’re still an important person and loved even if you’re different,” Black said.